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A real attention getter
This is the kind of story I call a grabber. It grabs my thoughts and tenaciously preoccupies my mind refusing to let go. In it are all the juicy elements we like, rebellion against abusive authorities and justice for the oppressed, as well as the ingredients required to make a story American, wholesomeness and victory.
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Come, Let Us Reason Together
The term “Peace of Mind” means a state of existence in which a person is free of worry, frustration and anxiety. To have peace of mind is to be free from guilt, emotional stress and unwarranted fear. Read more about it.

Church Calendar
~ A Course in Miracles study group meets from noon to 1:30 p.m. Fridays at the Morganton Public Library from in the lower level meeting room. ACIM helps students to anchor inner peace through greater awareness and understanding about themselves. Call 438-4074. Click here for this week's Event Calendar.

Beatrice Cobb Preaching Mission continues
The First United Methodist Church of Morganton has been carrying on a biannual observance since the early 1980s. As one of 20 beneficiaries of the Beatrice Cobb Estate, First Methodist Church set aside an appropriate memorial during an administrative board meeting by establishing the Beatrice Cobb Preaching Mission.
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Can you sweat your way out of stress and depression? Exercise appears to protect the body and mind against the harmful negative effects of stress. In one study, corporate managers who were active experienced fewer health problems from stress than did inactive managers. Read more about it.

Now I lay me down to sleep apnea
Most certainly our incredible bodies can - and do - silently harbor diabetes, hypertension and some other major disease insults for several years but still continues to provide us with acceptable function. Read more about it.
When can you start tapping into sources of retirement income?
When you retire, it would be convenient if all your expenses were to "retire" as well. But they won't. In fact, you'll likely need between 80 percent and 100 percent of your pre-retirement income to maintain your standard of living in retirement. Read more about it.
Life insurance: It's for the people who live
The death of a family member can be devastating to survivors both emotionally and financially. Life insurance can provide cash to help with your family's immediate and long-term needs. Read more about it.





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Your Window to Burke County

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a small, idyllic village named Fonta Flora in western Burke County, nested in Linville River Valley within the shadow of Shortoff Mountain. Homes, stores, a ball field and horse racing track dotted these rolling hills. Today she lies beneath the blue, cool waters of Lake James. Read more about it.

Yankee Stadium, Rafting and Golf

The Rio Grande College Miracle

One of the greatest sports stories in our nation’s history took place in a little town in Southern Ohio during the early 1950s. Read more about it.

Bill Wilson
In The Wings

The BackPorch summer concert series continues in CoMMA’s Amphitheatre.
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